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set me on fire- 
Set Me On Fire is my "calling"; my prayer. Many years ago, I only had this chorus line running through my head, only the chorus for a year...nothing else would come. Then one special night, I heard it, no felt it, no... just knew it. I was singing in a little spirit filled Bible Temple in Kansas City, KS. An overwhelming feeling came over me and quietly on my heart I heard, "Just sing". I knew in that moment, this was what God was calling me to do, well, first reaction was..."That cannot be God!" I have a corporate career, a family, bills- and "just sing"??, what does that mean?!  So I did the only sensible thing, went to my husband..sure that he would tell me I was completely out of my mind! I mean, we had just the good neighborhood, we had just adopted two children for a grand total of four, I had just been promoted in my global company to my dream job and was prospering!! So, my husband in all of his wisdom, looked at me tenderly and seriously, and with a matter of fact tone said, "If God is telling you to go, then who am I to stand in the way." WHAT?!!?? Oh really? Okay, there was only one thing to do....I called a fast- for the both of us! After fasting and praying, listening and wrestling, it was just as clear as the first time I heard, felt, knew it...."Just sing." Wow! After almost eight years at my very upwardly mobile career, I resigned. I did it...I left. And for the first time in my adult life- had no other safety net...well, not from the world. Oh, but did I have one! His name is Jesus!! Three days after my resignation was sent...all of the verses to Set Me On Fire were sent :) and I furiously and excitedly wrote them down. I wrote down my story, my calling, my prayer for God to....Set Me On Fire! 

I wrote Quicksand a few years ago, while I was driving to work. In the days prior, I had been feeling disconnected from God, restless and unsure why. That morning, while I was driving down the highway- it hit me..hard. I could not remember the last time I prayed...when was the last time I opened my, kids, even laboring in the church...oh how devious is Busy.. I had been caught up by the cares of the world and even though they were not "bad" cares... I had drifted,  oh so slowly away from my first Love- Jesus! As the realization came- I had a mental picture of the movie Indiana Jones and of him stuck and slowly descending to the depths of a well hidden pit of Quicksand....thus the Chorus and theme of Quicksand was born. Then, 3 days later (coincidence?) while singing the hymn, "The Solid Rock", I had another revelation, " ..On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand..." sinking sand?? It's Quicksand!!- the cares of the world--they are Quicksand! Oh Jesus- the mighty hand- the only One to pull us out of our individual pit of Quicksand! Call Him, call on His name, and He'll reach down and pull you out of your pit of Quicksand.